Hi, I’m Jorj.

I’m a Philadelphia-area photographic artist.

My photographic druthers tend toward visual documentation of people and interactions. I enjoy immersing myself in the stories that others put before me, distilling scenes and visually documenting emotions and situations. In particular, I enjoy in photography what I also enjoy in engineering: putting together disparate systems that “shouldn’t” or “don’t” work together. In the photographic realm, that generally means dichotomous mismatches of digital and film workflows, as well as combining old (1800s) and new printing technologies. If I can find an emerging social trend born from technological advancements, all the better.

I’m also a tech geek.

I work at Temple University as Director of Identity and Access Management. I used to co-own DejaVu Software, Inc., a company that wrote software for handheld computers (and has, since the Apple Newton). And then there’s Bauer Photography, the commercial arm of my art interests.

And I have a fantastic family.

Gif of me playing violin

Yeah, that’s me on the violin. My mother‘s on the left, and my late great-uncle Joe Milekof is on the right. Joe played, was concert master, and conducted on Vaudeville in New York and Philadelphia. He was quite a guy. My mom is a librarian (which runs in our family apparently), and, well, I gave up the violin after about 10 years.
Gif of my family and Sue

My mother’s side of my family: Ruth Miner (my Grandmother), Emanuel Mendelson (my Grandfather), Anne Mendelson (my Aunt), Scott Bauer (my brother), Jane Bauer (my mother), and in front, my wife (Susan J. Talbutt for those of you that haven’t been paying attention).

Ruth was an amazing woman: she was always active in trying to right the wrongs of the government and corporate America wherever they popped up. Emanuel was a wonderful Grandfather, and was the primary reason that I have always been interested in technology; he gave me Edmund Scientific kits for birthday and holiday presents as a child (along with old mechanical alarm clocks that I left in pieces all over my house). Anne is a food historian; she is the author of Stand Facing the Stove and Milk. Scott still lives with my mother; I don’t know how they put up with me when I was living there. 😉