Sheila and Bob

Hot off the heels of my glass-on-casein in the annual juried Phillips’ Mill exhibition, I’m looking at my next set of research: fumed silica.

This piece is a gold-toned kallitype, printed on Herschel (a handmade linen paper) pre-treated with fumed silica. The pretreatment generally deepens the blacks, with some other more subtle differences in contrast and overall response. I’ve been slowly pulling together a project to more scientifically test different kinds of fumed silica with dif …[more]


The Big Snip

In 1987, I started growing my hair long. Not because I thought long would be good, or good looking, but because I hated having other people cut my hair. Some time in late 1988 or early 1989, the waves that became curls finally became long enough to reach my shoulders.

I had it trimmed – I believe three times – by my friend Val, first in 1990 and most recently in 1992 or 1993. And even with those trimmings, it still reached my shoulders.

As I’ve approached 40, I’ve found that m …[more]



I’ve gotten many comments from friends (none here, I notice) that this is one of their favorite shots. Technically, it’s a pretty nice shot although the framing could have been better (I suppose I could crop it to achieve the same effect). But this photo just doesn’t evoke for me what 30th Street Station is really like. I’m going to have to find an appropriate filter so that I can take a longer exposure to convey that the station is actually busy; I think a longer exposure could show that off we …[more]

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